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Wedding video & Photography 2014 price list


6 Hours – One Camera £800.00 £600.00 £1200.00 (100 Photos)
8 Hours  – One Camera £1000.00 £1000.00 £1750.00 (digital Album)
8 Hours – 2 Camera £1500.00 £1250.00 £2500.00 (1 digital Album)
10 Hours – 2 Camera Shoot £2000.00 £1500.00 £3000.00 (2 digital Album)
12 Hours – One Camera Shoot £1500.00 £1600.00 £3500.00 (2 digital Album)
12 Hours – Two Cameras £2750.00 £1750.00 £4000.00 (3 digital Album)


You can receive special discount re: time of the year and style of wedding. Please ask

RE-PRINT PRICES (price is per print):

5’x7’ at £10.00                        6’x8’ at £15.00                    10’x8’ at £20.00   all in presentation folder.

Photo block board & Canvas print are available up to 60”x40” plus framing.

*          Editing special effects, captioning, adding any childhood photographs and your own choice of music for background.  All the sound is recorded professionally, direct from sound source such as Mic or PA system to the video track for high quality sound.  Also we can add highlights of your wedding either in Black & White or colour to the end of the video if we attend for 8 hours. Also, at your request, we can add honeymoon photos to the end of the video.

**        All the photographs taken will be present on disk as proof and ready to email.

           All digital photo file and video are safeguarded.

  We also able to provide you with total customized video with script and full direction as a movie production ~ASK~